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About Us


GOD called Dr. Marsha Mitchell to the Gospel Ministry in 1996 and told her to “Teach my people JESUS is LORD.”


Seven years later in 2003, The LORD entrusted her with a vision about how she would use even the simple things of this life to teach the world; to turn the hearts and minds of men toward JESUS; and to give GOD the glory HE so richly deserves. 


GOD initially had her create Balloons of Praise (  Since we all wear clothing, HE next gave her designs to put on clothing for infants to adults and the Praise Prophet brand was birthed. 


The purpose of Praise Prophet garments and products is to boldly proclaim to the world who we are in CHRIST JESUS; to give GOD glory; and to present visual graphics that will foster conversations and opportunities to teach and share the hope of our salvation. 


Even the Praise Prophet infant wear has the same purpose. Their garments reveal truth and tell the world the infant clothed in our garments is being prophesied over; is  dedicated to GOD’s service; and is being trained up in the admonition of The LORD. 


GOD used a talking donkey to speak and turn Balaam from his evil ways in Numbers 22:21-37.  I wholeheartedly believe HE can certainly use the anointed messages on Praise Prophet clothing and products to teach, encourage and change the hearts and minds of His people. 

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